Trash across Fairmont Condominiums raises concerns for residents

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MIDLAND, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- “The smell is just getting really overwhelming just awful, I mean it was seriously just getting awful,” says Fairmont Condominiums Resident, Sara Spector.

Poor communication and unkempt living spaces; residents at the Fairmont Condominiums say this isn’t the first time they’ve had an issue with the management. Dumpsters spilling over with trash for weeks and management with no answers as to why.

According to Spector, at first, they were saying to “‘blame it on the trash company’ which is what they were telling the residents. Because it’s so unbelievable that an apartment complex wouldn’t pay their trash bill. That’s just the most basic thing they should be doing before any other bills really because it’s such a health hazard.”

Feeling suspicious, Sarah Spector took matters into her own hands by turning to the private trash company for answers.

“Hey I don’t know why my trash hasn’t been picked up, I gave them my address and my zip code and the lady said ‘oh it’s for non-payment for several weeks.”

Republic Services, a Garbage Collecting Service in Midland County, says “they haven’t paid the bill so that’s probably why they owe almost $4,000.”

Big 2/ Fox 24 called Fairmont Condominiums multiple times and they were unable to answer why the bill hasn’t been paid and when they plan to pay the outstanding balance saying quote “I’m sorry, not available.”

“At some point, the Department of Public Health is going to start, and I’m afraid they’re going to condemn our Apartment; if they don’t have enough money to pay the bill there is something wrong,” says Spector.

Residents fed up and waiting for the day the mess gets cleaned up.

“It’s infuriating number one that they don’t notify us of the situation, number one. Number two, it’s infuriating that I spent several hours trying to dig into what was going on.”

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