ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Twelve days into the New Year, they’re not lit anymore. Christmas lights are still hung up at Starbright Village.

Starbright Village is a local holiday attraction the brings thousands to McKinney Park in Odessa every year.

Some locals says they are surprised that they are still up. However, crew members with Odessa Parks and Recreations are working hard to take down these Christmas lights and decorations.

Jayden Keys is an Odessan and says its about that time to take down the lights.

“It’s the new year it’s almost February so it’s just time,” says Keys.

The deputy director of parks and rec, Kyle Benedict says the process to take down the lights it just as busy as putting them up.

“We’ll be out here for anothe couple of weeks to take everything back down and transport it back and stored properly,” says Benedict.

There are nearly half a million lights and more than 80 displays that have to be put back but crews have it under control.

“We know where each one of these locations are as they are digitally shot and stores and so we will take everything down and everything is marked piece by piece,” says Benedict.

While many are sad to see the lights go, only eleven months until Starbright Village will be glowing bright for next Christmas.