The thrill of mini golf is back at Green Acres in Midland. It’s looking better than ever before.

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Near misses, solid putts, and a whole lot of laughs: Green Acres Mini Golf is officially reopened in Midland, and there is plenty to joke about on the course.

“I am here to win!”

“It’s playing good today. The greens are a little fast.”

“It’s good to have some mini golf back in Midland, Texas.”

From birdies to quadruple bogies, it’s the beginning of a new chapter for Green Acres. The miniature golf course first opened in 1955. Over the years, a lot of childhood memories were born on the greens.

“Everybody has their story,” said Jeff Beard, a partner in the development of Green Acres Mini Golf. “A lot of people have their first date story. A lot of people have getting-caught-in-a-dust storm story.”

A few years ago, the course closed down. Beard had a hand in starting the course back up. He was a regular at the course in the 80s and 90s.

“…To be able to bring that back to people, to be able to make memories with their kids and their grandkids, and tell them ‘I remember being out here,” Beard said.

Jeff says families have enough space to take their time so that players can take their mulligans… over, and over, and over. He says, some holes, “you love to hate.” Other are just fun to play, like the Castle hole, or the Anthill.

“It took me like 9 tries on the first hole,” exclaimed one golfer.

There’s 18 holes of something new. There’s also waterfalls, a small river, and a windmill shadowing over it all. For Jaime Jaquez, it’s definitely up to par.

“The remodel that they did, it’s really really nice. It was nice before, but its much nicer now,” Jaquez said.

There is no doubt there lies a good amount of frustration and satisfaction in the golf game.

“What’s the hardest thing about the course?” I ask. “Every single hole… especially the putt putt part,” one exasperated golfer chimed.

This local spot for families has playgrounds, Jenga sets bigger than kids, gigantic chess, and an arcade worth seeing.

Some are just happy to spend time with their friends face-to-face.

“We been hanging out for the past year. Some of us have been remote, but past Covid, it’s good to be back together…”

For more information on how to book a tee time, you can visit the Green Acres Mini Golf website, here.

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