THE DAY AFTER: Odessans talk car chaos, flooding debris

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Some chaos ensued after rain started pouring in Odessa on Memorial Day. Now, some families are checking out all the damage.

It was on Tom Green Avenue and 19th Street that showed the real dangers of flood waters. Video shows drivers attempting to pass through, only to get stuck. The advice, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown,” wasn’t necessarily heeded.

“Out of nowhere, we just looked to our left, and this little black car was just floating along, just coming toward my girlfriend’s car,” said Adrian Marquez. “I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m not going to let this happen.'”

Adrian was with his girlfriend’s family on Tom Green Avenue when the street turned into a small river.

“I took off my shoes, went out into the street, waist deep, and then he was just floating along,” Marquez said. “I happened to get into his way and stopped the car right then and there.”

His girlfriend’s new car was pulled away safely, but water had pooled inside. Adrian says the flood waters kept him stuck at one location, and drivers kept making attempts to pass through the area.

“It was this little Hyundai car. So, he tried making the turn, the water just turned his car 360,” Marquez said.

That car can be seen getting towed away on Tom Green the day after.

I spoke to one young man, Reno, and his family about what they saw first hand.

“Don’t go on the streets cause you’re gonna get stuck and one dude didn’t care,” Reno said. “This one dude was stuck right there, yelling out, crying, ‘Help!'”

His family shared that video with me. You can hear some commotion between the driver and neighbors, right before the car stalled.

“Why out of nowhere, this one street has to be a giant flood zone that goes up to people’s freaking hoods. I mean it’s insane,” Marquez said.

All sorts of things floated down the street, creating potential hazards. I’m told debris including broken tree branches, tires, logs, garden hoses, and cars were swept down.

“I would say leave it up to the City of Odessa, set up some kind of drainage system to help prevent something like this from happening again,” Marquez said.

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