‘THANK YOU’: Three strangers save a boy from drowning at Odessa’s Fundome

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – A dip into the pool at the MCM Grande Fundome hotel almost became tragic for a young man. But three people are now being hailed heroes for saving that boy’s life.

Khais Green is just 11-years-old. He was with friends at the pool on Saturday. It was a routine pool day. There was nothing out of the ordinary, until Khais jumped in. He ended up in the deep-end of the pool.

His family says there were no lifeguards on duty to save Khais. But there were three people paying close attention: one woman and two men who were standing by.

“I tried to find my way out. But I couldn’t find anything,” Khais said. “Then somebody came and saved me. As soon as somebody grabbed, I fainted.”

Khais’ family says these unknown people saved his life. One man pulled him out, the woman performed CPR, and the second man tried to keep Khais alert, by rubbing his arms, squeezing his hand, and talking to him.

“I started screaming immediately for someone to call 911,” recounts Brittnee Ward, Khais’ mother.

She says her family was at the Fundome for her own gender reveal party. She was upstairs at the time getting ready and learned of the accident when some kids knocked on her door.

“The savior… the woman who gave him CPR, told me, ‘We’ve already called (911), they’re on their way,'” said Brittnee.

Brittnee says it all happened so fast. In that blur, she can’t remember what her son’s heroes look like.

“I want to thank them for keeping my baby here with me,” said Brittnee. “So, if they hear this, if they’re there, if they can find a way to contact me on Facebook, or anyway to reach out, I can personally thank them for saving my baby’s life.”

Tiffany Ward is Khais’ grandmother. She says Khais was taken to Covenant Hospital in Lubbock where he spent the day recovering.

“We thank God for those people. We thank God for him,” Tiffany said. “We need to find those people… please, please…”

Tiffany shares the sentiment that her family’s gratitude goes beyond words. Because these unsung heroes left no names at the hotel, or ways to contact them, the family can only hope to cherish their new found appreciation of life with Khais’ lifesavers.

“We want to make sure that, maybe, we can keep in contact with them forever,” Tiffany said.

“I thank you for saving my life,” Khais said.

The family says they understand if these good people want to remain anonymous. But if they do, the family says these three strangers should just know, they are more than appreciated.

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