Texas Senate Committee on mass violence holds a public hearing in Odessa

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Community members discuss solutions

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- The first of many Texas State Senate hearings on mass violence took place Thursday at Odessa College.

“I understand the power behind those weapons and what they should be used for and it’s not to mow all these people down while driving down the street when they weren’t hurting anyone,” says Midland Democrat,
Cathy Broadrick.

San Angelo district representative candidate, Linette Lucas, says “I think that this is the most important thing to be at right now is to stand up for our rights and to keep the law-abiding citizen armed.”

The first meeting out of Austin, Senators are eager to hear from communities that have been affected by mass shootings; like Broadrick, who lost her nephew back in October of 2017 during a mass shooting at a Halloween party.

“I’ve met a lot of these families now, their relatives are all deserving of a voice and we’re going to be that voice. Until we impress upon these Congressmen and these Senators they’ve gone too far with this open carry and they’re not protecting us.”

“They were, the injuries were horrible from that shooting. He was using hollowpoint bullets, four of them were in ted’s torso and although the surgeons tried to save him they could not save him,” she adds.

Community members on both sides of the aisle eager to share with Texas Senators what they think need to be done.

According to Broadrick, “100% of the gun sales should have a background investigation, a private owner should be able to sell their weapon to someone that didn’t go through that same background investigation. If they do they should be responsible for what’s been done with that weapon.”

Lucas with another perspective saying “it is so important for us to stand up for our second amendment right so I am for what the constitution says that our second amendment rights. The right to defend ourselves should not be infringed.”

Also expressing her concern for the culture of today’s society.

“Our culture has gotten to the point where we don’t value life like we should, we don’t value family. I think if we get back to our core morals and values that we will start valuing life more.”

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