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ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/FOX 24)- With the increasing temperatures many people in the Permian Basin are heading poolside. However, experts say without caution it’s all too easy to lose track of your surroundings and experience secondary drowning. 

It’s a drowning incident that starts just like any other “where somebody goes under water, is rescued and revived at the time,” says UTPB Head Swim Coach Cameron Kainer.

Then, hours later it takes a turn for the worst and the person experiencing secondary drowning has difficulty breathing. 

Krainer says “they have water in their wind pipe and also going into their lungs and they begin to be irritable, have trouble breathing and need to immediately go to the hospital.”

The Red Cross says  it can occur anywhere from a few hours to two days after a drowning scare. 

“If they feel like they’re having trouble breathing and they feel a little bit different then what they’re used to they need to take them to the hospital immediately just for precaution to make sure that they’re taken care of and make sure that they don’t have any water in their lungs,” says Kraner.

He adds that although it’s more common in children that doesn’t mean adults are an exception.”There are incredible swimmers all the time that have heart defects or just have trouble swimming sometimes that it just happens.”

The best thing to do is to always be alert and if the swimmer continues coughing, is lethargic or even vomiting don’t hesitate taking them to the hospital.

“Even our swimmers, they will choke on water a little bit and it kinda stops them a little bit while they’re swimming in practice and we have to watch out for that and make sure that they’re okay over time as well. It can really happen to anybody and it just needs to be prevented as much as possible by being vigilant and just watching.”

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