MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – A group of thieves are targeting elderly shoppers in store aisles, police said Wednesday.  

Midland Police say the group is traveling from state-to-state, and then city-to-city. Police are urging shoppers to be aware after a recent crime at a Midland grocery store. 

MPD released photos on Facebook Wednesday which show a man and a woman. Police said the couple went after an elderly woman who entered Market Street on N. Midkiff on November 15th. The victim did not realize her billfold was missing from her purse until she went to pay for her groceries.

The two suspected thieves are shown entering Best Buy just 10 minutes after leaving Market Street. Police say the couple racked up $3.7K in charges using the victim’s credit card.  

“It’s upsetting that it’s the elderly people because they obviously don’t have quick reflexes,” said Midland shopper Stevi Madison. “That’s the worst person to target because people love their grandmother.” 

It’s a crime comparable to that of a real-life Grinch. The Midland victim was not the suspects’ first-ever target, according to MPD. 

“Well, they’re cowards,” said Midland shopper Yaritza Salinas. “Obviously, they know that the older people are not going to be as strong enough to try and fight (them) off or run after them.” 

Midland Police say the group is snatching purses and wallets from people who aren’t paying attention.  

The group has targeted victims in Odessa, Lubbock, Abilene, and now, in Midland. 

Once they obtain a stranger’s financial information, police say the traveling theft ring is buying electronics and gift cards with that stolen information.  

“I usually keep my wallet in my hand just to stay safe,” said shopper Daneyda Beltran. Beltran said she often pays with her card. But when she does use cash, she keeps it in her phone’s case.

After speaking with shoppers at the Target store off Loop 250, our Rob Tooke learned some shoppers are going to look out for each other, too.  

“I feel like I have a pretty good grip on my purse. So, I’m not too worried about myself. But it makes me want to watch out for all the ladies around here,” Madison said. 

“This time it’s not just credit card stuff, but also kid-wise,” said Salinas, who was shopping with her young son. “I mean there’s a lot of predators around here so just watch over each other and everything.” 

MPD said the best advice to avoid falling victim to these thieves is to keep any purses and wallets on your person, and not in your cart.

Midland Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the suspects’ arrests.