Stricter BSISD dress code creating controversy among students

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Students and parents speak up from both sides

BIG SPRING, Texas (BIG2/FOX24) – With the new school year, Big Spring Independent School District is cracking down on the district’s dress code. However, not everyone is on board with the stricter rules.

According to the student handbook, any holes above the knees must have tights or leggings underneath them. Holes between the waist and fingertips are off-limits at all times. But with unforeseen stricter policies enforced on the first day of school, some students are now going so far as to protest.

“We decided to wear ripped jeans with tights underneath to prove that if there are any holes in our jeans, and we have something underneath, it’s not going to distract anyone from learning,” said Senior at Big Spring High School, Daelyn Davis.

Big Spring High School Seniors, Daelyn Davis and Mialah Sanders, say pulling students out of classes is more distracting than the jeans themselves.

“Throughout the whole first week of school everyone was getting dress-coded for their jeans,” explained Davis. “On Friday, they actually made the teachers have you stand up in front of the class to check your pants.”

Sanders added, “Some people are like, we’re not following the rules or whatever, and we’re doing this to be disrespectful. We’re only doing this to make our voices heard.”

Davis and Sanders say they are not opposed to the idea of a dress code, but this year’s stricter rules were not brought to their parents’ attention ahead of time.

“They feel that they should’ve been informed about it before they went and spent two, three, four hundred dollars on school clothes for their kids,” said Davis. “It doesn’t matter if we’re wearing tights, or if we’re wearing shorts or jeans. Girls have body features and guys are always going to look at our body features. That’s just always how it’s going to be.”

For Junior, Hannah Rando, she says the dress code enforcement is a bit more lenient at Anderson Accelerated High School. However, she says dress codes should not be a top priority in education.

“It’s not you know, a debate or anything. We’re just speaking our mind. We’re tired of it, it’s been over a couple of years already, and everyone just wants to change it,” said Rando.

But with any conflict, there is always the other side. Parents and students who support the dress code are also taking to social media just as passionately to speak up. Some parents are suggesting the idea of a school uniform, and others are stating there is a time and place for certain clothing.

“It is not all about distractions,” stated former student Kassi Roach, “There is a way to dress for school, job interviews, etc. All should be respected.”

Howard College student, Calleigh Ayala, added, “I can guarantee that the top 50-55 people in my class can follow rules maturely.”

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