Stray bullet strikes Odessa family’s home

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ODESSA, Texas (ABC Big 2) – A stray bullet strikes a home with the family inside. Investigators in Odessa now want to know who fired that shot.

The family living here says they have every reason to be on edge after a bullet pierced their home, leaving every person, including several kids, terrified for what comes next.

“We could have lost our three little girls, another daughter in our house,” said Chris Easly.

A quiet night at home for the Easly family turns into a chaos.

“Walking over by the door and all of a sudden I hear a big pop,” said Chris Easly.

It was exactly 6:45 p.m. That heartstopping sound. They described it like two 2 by 4’s being slapped together.

“Me and my son looking around like what was that, what was that,” said Tim Easly.

It only took a few moments for Tim Easly to start finding sheetrock on the ground.

“I got to looking around and I found a bullet hole in my wall,” said Easly

A bullet hole that entered the front wall, the foyer and into the closet.

“And at that point we were like what the heck is going on,” said Chris Easly.

Tim and his family call the sheriff then he finds a bullet.

“It was a 9mm,” said Easly.

He goes outside and sees the direction in which it came and then a troubling realization.

“If it would have been a foot lower, you’d been be doing a victim interview with a dead person here probably,” said Chris Easly.

As for the damage, it’s going to cost some money.

“Interior wall, exterior wall, interior wall, and another interior wall just because of someone’s stupidity,” said Christ Easly.

And there’s fear.

“The walls are the walls I could care less about the walls. He could have died today,” said Chris Easly. “Look at us. I’m shaking.”

The Easly and his family own guns. They’re licensed owners and there’s no doubt guns are important to them and the community but Easly says he can’t let this one off the hook.

“Take responsibility for the gun in your hand,” said Chris Easly.

The family hopes this was an accident and that no one was intentionally shooting.

The family says they don’t want to press charges. They just want people to know, practice your gun safety because that could be the difference between life or death.

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March 18 2021 03:00 pm