MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Even though gas prices have dropped, fuel theft in Midland is on the rise.

Triple A says gas prices in Texas have dropped more than 30 cents a gallon since June, but fuel stealing is still happening.

Marco Diaz knows fuel stealing has been a problem because of a friend.

“I’ve got a friend of mine that has complained that, you know, people on the block would just go by and she’d fill up one night, and then in the morning, she’s got hardly anything at all,” Diaz says.

The MPD crime prevention unit says it happens enough that drivers need to keep a close eye on their vehicles as much as possible.

Officer Chane Blandford says lock up your cars and get a gas cap if possible.

Go the extra step, you know, secure it, lock it, get cameras that alert you whenever there’s a presence or on your vehicles, set your alarm on your vehicles and go from there,” Officer Blandford.

People I talked to say they either they’ve had gas stolen or know someone who’s been a victim, so they’re being proactive.

“I’m actually in the market for a lock on mind,” Diaz says.

Marco Gomez has had gas stolen from his vehicle previously and says it hurts his heart because he would help someone out if they’d just ask.

“People out here in Odessa, they’re really giving in Texas,” Gomez says. If you ask they will they will help you out I just don’t see no reason for people to be stealing gas from other people and if they’re out there doing it, sooner or later, they’re going to get caught.

You can find cap locks at your local Walmart, auto shop or even order online from Amazon.