MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Diana Avila is an Odessa mom who spent her Monday hosting a birthday party for her daughter at Midland’s Doug Russell Pool. But just because it’s easy to stay cool at the pool doesn’t mean she’s not keeping an eye on all the kids at the party, especially when it comes to safety in the sun.

“If you see a kid that’s hot, you make sure to put them in the shade, give them some water, or put some hats on them. You know, that kind of stuff,” said Avila.

The Midland Health Department agrees with Diana’s proactive approach to heat safety and has a few more pointers for keeping cool and safe during extreme heat advisories.

“If I had to put it into just three words: rest, water, and shade. Don’t go outside unless you absolutely have to. Try to get your activities done early in the morning when it’s still cool in the day,” said John Floyd with the Midland Health Department.

But with plenty of West Texans working in the sun or just enjoying summer, the Midland Health Department wants everyone to focus on staying hydrated, and to remember that water is always your best bet.

“Avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks. Absolutely avoid those because those are actually a diuretic, and they will cause you to be even further dehydrated than you would be otherwise,” said Floyd.

Floyd also says that some of the people most vulnerable to heat stroke and other health issues related to extreme heat are residents that just moved to West Texas, and he advises everyone to keep an eye on their new coworkers and neighbors as they adjust to West Texas summer temperatures.