Stanton family once in need of help, pays it forward by helping theft victims

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Down a quiet road, just south of 52nd Street in Odessa, a big delivery is expected.

Toys, clothing, and some household goods are on their way to Summer McCullough and her family. The items are coming from complete strangers, people that Summer has never met before.

Those people are Jenai and Brent Bacon. The Bacon family first saw our report on Monday about the theft of Summer’s 2017 Black Dodge Journey (TX License: PFM6940) at a Big Spring Pilot Travel Center. Inside the Dodge were toys, kids clothing, and items belonging to Summer and her three kids. They were taking it with them on their move, from Abilene to Odessa. The Dodge is still missing.

But the Bacon family reached out to Summer to see how they could help after hearing of the theft.

“It feels good to help others in the community because we’ve gone through our own struggles,” said Jenai Bacon, also a mother of three.

Jenai and her family know hardship, too.

In February, our Rob Tooke met with the family. Ice had damaged their Stanton home, so the Bacon family had sought refuge at a Midland hotel. Not too long after hearing of the Bacon family’s damaged home, a Midlander reached out to them, offering to fix their house, free-of-charge. The offer was especially important for Jenai and Brent’s daughter, Calista, who has Muscular Dystrophy and severe autism.

Now, the Bacon family says the only way forward is to help others.

“If somebody pays it forward to us, isn’t it right to pay it forward to somebody else, to keep the cycle going?” Brent Bacon asked.

So, all five members of the Bacon family made the trip from Stanton to Odessa on Wednesday to meet Summer. The meeting was sweet.

“Our kids are just thankful for all the help we can get, because our kids didn’t deserve to lose everything they did,” McCullough said.

Her son, Kace, was home for the delivery when the Bacon family arrived. Kace also has special needs. The thieves made off with his medication on Sunday.

For his mom, Summer, her bond to the Bacon family is especially unique.

“I think Jenai and I connected on a different level because we both have special needs kids,” McCullough said.

The bond between these parents has turned strangers into friends. While the goods were dropped off – things like dishes, coffee cups, detergent, jackets, and toys – the meeting made for a moment of compassion.

“God has blessed us, and it’s a way to show God’s love, the love of Jesus,” Jenai Bacon said.

We are sharing a link to Summer’s GoFundMe for those who would like to help out while her family overcomes the loss of their vehicle. You can find the GoFundMe here.

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