Some drivers no match for flooded Odessa roadways

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Flooding isn’t anything new to Odessa. Today, the streets were overcome by water, again. Some drivers are still taking on flooded roadways.

Dash camera footage shows the Loop 338 on-ramp to WB I-20 flooded. Two drivers would end up stalled in the water.

Homeowners north of University Avenue near 31st Street once again saw their homes become riverfront property. Wherever the streets dipped, the accumulation of water made for a tough time getting through.

At least one car was seen getting towed from the median of Dixie and 31st.

“Like they say on the news, man, if you see a flood, turn around, don’t chance it,” said Ariel Villa Sr.

Villa Sr. stands next to his son, Ariel Villa Jr. Together, they’re looking at Jr.’s Audi: water found its way into the engine.

“Early in the morning, it was pretty flooded, so I had to go around. That didn’t work,” Villa Jr. said.

The City of Odessa released new numbers on water rescues performed since Saturday. Odessa Fire Rescue performed 21 water rescues. Odessa Police were called out to assist 28 drivers.

“I don’t know if there’s a solution or not, but the drainage system… it needs to be better for sure,” Villa Sr. said.

“I’ve been here 12 years and it’s still bad,” said Jaime Salina.

Salina says the flooding isn’t anything new around Tom Green Avenue. He says he lived in San Antonio where drivers heeded the warning to turn around. In Odessa, he says that’s not the case.

“We have kids with big trucks and they just pile through here,” Salina said. “People think they can just go through it and that’s how they get stuck.”

It’s been a difficult day for drivers who chanced the water and did not make it through. But it was a good day for two young boys, Ethan and Biko. With school already out, today was the ultimate rain day.

“It’s nice. It’s fun. It’s enjoyment,” said Biko. “But sometimes, [the water] is kind of dirty.”

“Yep, we call the water doo-doo but we don’t care,” said Ethan.

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