PERMIAN BASIN (NEXSTAR) – It’s no secret that the Permian Basin has seen a lot of earthquakes over the years.
Last week alone, there were at least four earthquakes.
The strongest quake was measured at a 3.7 on the Richter scale.
According to Dr. Sumit Verma, Assistant Professor of Geology at UTPB, this phenomenon is unnatural.
“We have not seen this kind of thing in the past at all,” said Dr. Verma. “This is why people are more concerned or say scientists are saying that this is probably due to some human activities. We call it human induced seismicity.”
The Railroad Commission of Texas has taken steps to help reduce the number of quakes in the Permian Basin.
Taking effect on December 31, 2021, the commission is ordering the indefinite suspension of all deep oil and gas-produced water injection in the area.
The commission explained through a release that the suspensions were necessary because of what they call an increase of earthquakes in the area.
Click this link to read the commission’s press release on the subject.