Road safety urged ahead of Halloween weekend in Odessa

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – It’s officially spooky season in Odessa. The excitement is clear, just days away from Halloween.

“Halloween is important for the kids getting the candy,” said one shopper in the parking lot of Spirit, just off County Road West.

“Candy, of course,” said Alexis Porras of Fort Stockton, when asked about the most exciting thing this Halloween. “You’re not supposed to be eating them, but you know, the candy…”

“I’m a grandma now, so I have to be excited,” said one shopper named Rebecca. “I have to get into it because I have grandchildren. So, that’s what I’m doing here: trying to get a costume.”

People are out and about doing their last-minute Halloween shopping. A handful of shoppers say there aren’t many costumes left. A lucky few grabbed whatever they could.

“Last minute, there’s not that much left,” said one mother, accompanied by her daughter who had just bought a boxer outfit called, ‘the Knock-Out Kit.’

Near Sam Houston Avenue, Christopher Martinez has one of the best-decorated houses in the area. It’s decorated with a large spider, a makeshift graveyard, even a talking jester. He says his family is ready to welcome the ghouls and the gals who are trick-or-treating this year. With Halloween falling on a weekend, the big focus is on having fun and celebrating.

But also, it’s about raising awareness for safety in their neighborhoods, and on the roads. Drinking and driving is a big concern.

“If you’re going to be drinking in the hours of 8, 9, 10, trick-or-treaters are still going to be out,” Martinez said.

“Take that extra drink, you’re having fun. Just realize, what you’re doing is going to affect someone if you try to drive yourself home,” said Theresa Dyer, who lives nearby.

Others share the exact sentiment.

“If you are out there celebrating, and you’re older, don’t drink and drive,” said Rebecca. “Use an Uber.”

“Do it at home, so you don’t have to be driving and drinking,” said another.

“It’s always important especially with the little ones. You’ve got a lot of kids running around. And if you notice, this year, there’s going to be a lot of trunk-or-treats. Downtown’s going to be doing a lot,” said a third.

Corporal Christopher Mabry is a traffic officer with the City of Odessa. He has a warning.

“With all the deaths we’ve had in our city, we’ve increased enforcement already. But yes, there will be officers looking for drunk drivers,” Cpl. Mabry said.

Odessa Police have some tips for those celebrating Halloween this weekend, outside at night: watch out for traffic, carry flashlights, use crosswalks, and keep track of any young children.

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