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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/ Fox 24) – Odessa twin girls buried after killed last week from a suspected Midland drunk driver. Therefore, officials say drunk driving is on the rise here in the Basin.

A counselor explains how you can curb this growing problem.

Tragic accidents like the one that killed the Odessa twin girls and with 382 DWI arrests this year, Shelton says the community needs to take steps to avoid more fatal accidents.

“If you drink don’t drive, it’s pretty simple if you take one drink it can affect you and if you get into a vehicle it can affect other people,” Shelton says.

Shelton says having one drink and being behind the wheel is already too much.

“If you’re talking about drinking and driving then one is too much just don’t,” she says.

Too much will disrupt your physical ability to drive.

“You can pass out, blurry vision and reaction time is delayed,” the counselor says. “So, now they think about slamming on the breaks and a couple minutes later they actually do it and it’s too late.”

Those also suffering from alcohol addictions are sometimes afraid to reach out for help, Shelton says those must reach out.

“Are you more afraid to get help,” she says. “Or are you more afraid that your actions may take a life or cost yours?”

Shelton also says a night of fun can be deadly without planning ahead.

“You could find yourself behind a wheel in a vehicle that hurt or kill somebody,” Shelton says. “And woke up the next morning in jail sober now but they’ve taken a life.”

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