Republican Governors call on Biden to withdraw executive order pausing new oil and gas development on federal lands

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Oil rig in Midland, Texas. (Nexstar Photo/Maggie Glynn)

(Nexstar) – Republican Governors in 17 states have called on President Joe Biden to withdraw his executive order that puts a pause on new oil and gas developments on federal lands.

The Executive Order was signed back on Jan. 27 and was a promise President Biden made during the 2020 election. The President ran on an aggressive climate change approach which included shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, and pausing new oil and gas development on federal lands.

However, the GOP Governors argue that the executive order has a negative impact on several states saying it will severely damage economies in western states with large tracts of federal land. According to a letter from the Governors, the EO will also cause energy costs to spike by $1.7 billion per year.

You can read the full letter from the Governors here.

“Thanks to the hardworking men and women in the energy industry, the United States has become the world’s leader in the production of oil and gas. For the first time in decades, America was exporting more than we were importing, allowing us to rely less and less on foreign countries and adverse actors to supply our citizens with the low-cost energy they need to heat and cool their homes and run their businesses,” a statement in the letter to President Biden reads. “To meet consumer demand and stabilize our electric grid, we depend on energy production on private land and public land – we need both. Simply put, the Order jeopardizes our national security interests and strips away the opportunity for Americans to be energy independent.”

Governors also argue that the proper solution should come from innovation as opposed to additional regulation from the federal government. Additionally, the governors say the EO will have an adverse impact, pushing energy jobs to other countries with fewer emission controls, making the problem worse worldwide.

“You began your presidency with calls for unity, specifically to end the divide that pits urban versus rural and as Republican leaders, we stand ready to work with your Administration to advance our states and country,” the letter reads. “In contrast, the lack of consultation with our states demonstrated by Executive Order 14008 is alarming, showing disregard for the citizens we serve and the business that employ them and keep our country running and our nation secure.”

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