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Odessa, TEXAS (ABC Big 2) – Today marks two years since the mass shooting that left seven people dead and more than two dozen injured. Flags on display at Memorial Garden Park represent the victims who were killed. While the days and weeks have passed by since that day, our community has shown we won’t forget. Odessa has messages all over the city. 

“We have the yellow flags flying at Memorial Park to remind our community to remind them of the day and the way the families were impacted,” says Odessa Chamber of Commerce CEO Renee Earls.

People with connections to West Texas may remember where they were and what they were doing when news of the shooter came out. 

“We were out in San Angelo wherever it happened. We were camping and I remember hearing all the alerts and everything hearing about an active shooter…and it was scary, I was scared,” says West Texas resident Donna Barber.

For some, it’s hard to put into words, just how tragic August 31st, 2019 was, and still is. 

 “Being a mural, art speaks a thousand words, so I agree that we still need to, you know, we can’t forget this important event that happened,” says Black Cat Tattoo Company artist Edgar Armendariz.

Black Cat Tattoo Shop has a mural that each employee helped create. It honors people who were killed, and those who were hurt that day, people we may have known.

“One of the victims that got grazed by a bullet on his back, he would come by here, get tattooed here, hang out,” says Armendariz.

Part of that mural includes a tribute to the postal worker who was killed.   

“It really did hurt us as well to know somebody died doing their job,” says Armendariz.  

Time has passed, and the initial​ hurt and grief may have faded, but to remember is to honor.

“We want to make sure we put that out there on display to know that we just don’t go on with our day without thinking about that, knowing that it did happen,” says Armendariz.  

These displays are a solemn reminder that West Texans help West Texans.  

“Odessa is strong and resilient, and we pull together in times of need,” says Earls.  

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