Reflection Ministries showed donors the progress on the development on “The Village” Thursday. It can currently house 15 survivors, but they hope to expand over the next few years to as many as 80. All of it has been funded privately by businesses and individuals in the Basin.

It’s a really good feeling for a vision I’ve had for many years come to fruition

Lisa Bownds, CEO and Founder Reflection Ministries

The detail that went into the houses is based on helping make the survivors feel more comfortable.

We want to make sure we tap in to triggers, maybe colors, fabrics or textures so they don’t send them in to a tailspon or just make thekm feel unfomfortable in any way.

For Bownds, the motivation to help survivors is very personal

Because it happened to me. I understand what it feels like to be sold, drugged and raped repeatedly, and to feel like property. No one should feel that way.

Lisa Bownds, CEO and Founder Reflection Ministries

Officials say West Texas is one of the top five worst regions in the country for trafficking. Nearly half of those victims are trafficked by their families. Bownds says the people involved – on both sides – can hide in plain sight.

They’re all over… Our schools, our churches, just our community. The average age for girls is 12 to 14 years old but the average for boys is 11 to 13.

There will be 24/7 care of the victims and 8 around-the-clock staff to ensure safety and security. Some of those staff will also help with education, case management, home-life skills, and other ways to help these victims get back to everyday life.

The Reflection Ministries staff is very motivated to help the survivors.

This is actually my dream job. This is what I’ve always wanted to do. So even though I don’t work face to face it’s really cool to know that everything I do is significant.

Gena Hargrove, Outreach Coodinator Reflection Ministries

For more information on how to help Reflection Ministries:

Another hotline to help victims: (817) 437-4213