Rattlesnakes concern Midland neighborhood

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MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – With warmer weather here in the Basin, that means rattlesnakes will be out and about. One Midland neighborhood is on guard after a rattlesnake was found in a person’s yard.

“We run around the neighborhood a lot, I’ve seen a couple of babies running around the neighborhood,” said Megan Dupriest, “My husband has killed one down the street for a neighbor so we’re always pretty aware.”

Dupriest said rattlesnakes are nothing new for her neighborhood along Patrick Place. After her next-door neighbor killed this rattlesnake over the weekend, Dupriest said she’s going to keep her young kids safe.

“Well it was a baby so my reaction is I need to watch the kids watch the dog make sure that there’s not anything coiled up because of course, these kids love to play outside and just being aware of our surroundings,” Dupriest said.

Dupriest is not the only mom living on Patrick Place who is concerned.

“It kind of makes me nervous, I forget about them a lot just because I don’t see them myself.,” said Randy Hughes. “I hear about them, I have actually seen one in my garage”

With warmer weather in the Basin more rattlesnakes will be coming out.

Michael Nickell with the Sibley Nature Center said people should be very careful when they’re outside.

“You don’t want to stick your hand or your foot or your head into any position where you can’t see where you’re putting your body part and you want to see clearly around you,” Nickell said.

And if a rattlesnake is found in your yard, Nickell said you should not try to kill it.

“The ideal thing is to call animal control and let them take care of the job,” Nickell said. “More people are bitten by rattlesnakes by trying to catch them or trying to kill them.”

Even though moms like Dupriest understand they are living on rattlesnake territory, she and her neighbors will keep looking for them.

“We’ve grown up with it our whole lives so we know what to look for so you know just being aware like, we’re on their turf and they’re not going anywhere.”

If you are bitten by a rattlesnake, doctors say you should get to the ER right away to get the anti-venom. We checked with Midland Memorial Hospital and it has 65 doses.

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