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PERMIAN BASIN (Big 2/Fox 24) – Odessa protesters marched the streets after the killing of George Floyd and others.

Odessa officials blocking off Grant Street allowing protesters to freely gather and be heard.

The protests remained peaceful and Odessa Police Department remained out of sight.

“We’re not here to hurt nobody. We just here to grow our lives, make money, and live just like you. We all people, we all people,” said one protester.

Over in Midland, what started with a few people quickly turned to a few hundred.

“The City of Midland is not going to fall into what we’ve seen around the nation. Midlanders are different. Midlanders are peaceful people. We love each other. Our community is strong and it always has been but our community can be stronger,” said Courtney Ratliff.

Though the protest did not turn violent tensions escalated between protesters that led to Midland Police Department being involved while protesters on both sides voiced what they believed to each other.

“We want you to know all lives really matter but black lives matter at this moment. We are tired of losing innocent people,” said one protester.

“Becasue I’m tired of seeing my country burnt down to the ground because one black man was killed by one bad cop. Why are they going to burn down my city and we don’t have no right to do so and come and support my country, my fellow countrymen,” said one protester.

“It’s not just black people who are upset with this issue. It’s not just black people who are victims of police brutality. It’s everyone,” said one protester.

Overall, the Permian Basin remained peaceful last night with no arrest and no injuries.

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