WEST ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – A West Odessa family is making a plea to the public, after their family-run food truck was stolen.

Owners of the business, “La Benedicion Burritos and More,” say their food truck was stolen on July 1st from a lot by the intersection of W. University Blvd. and N. Alturas Ave. That is where the food truck had been parked. It was there for just two weeks while Cristal Salazar and her family waited for their electricity provider to give the truck power, so they could start cooking.

“It just really sucks,” Salazar said. “Because we put all of our heart into this food truck… Just please give it back. It means a lot to us.”

Cristal says the theft started with an eerie message from the landlord who managed the small lot where the truck was parked. The landlord said people were coming by to scope out the truck.

“…People circling around the food truck, (asking) if we were going to sell it, when we were going to run it,” Salazar recounts. “Literally, three days later, our food truck disappeared.”

The family has invested a good $30,000 into the business since opening in March of this year. That includes registers, refrigerators, stoves, sinks, and of course, the food.

Cristal says the name of the business translates to “the Blessing.”

After looking extensively for a food truck to start their business, Cristal said her family had a blessing themselves. Most food trucks were just too expensive, until they came across this one.

The seller was an old friend of the family. A good deal was made to buy the truck, and the name was born. On the business logo, there is a dove and an olive branch. The family has faith in God and in each other.

Maria Calderon is Cristal’s mother and the owner of the business. She said the theft is incredibly upsetting. She wants the food truck to be returned so she can get back to her business and her livelihood.

Cristal says her mother’s dream is to cook. Owning the food truck was the ultimate treat. Because of the pandemic, it was hard for the family to serve their community. They just got back into the swing of things, and now, they can’t work. Their local business can’t provide meals or serve.

So far, Cristal said there are few leads in the case. Others told them that the truck was spotted at a hotel in Big Spring, as well as an apartment complex in Odessa.

But it has led to nothing.

For this hardworking family, the thieves have committed a serious injustice.

“Obviously, they don’t want to be better, so I believe they belong in jail, honestly,” Salazar said.