‘Please come forward’: Mother makes plea to driver who hit and killed her daughter in Midland

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – It has been five months since a driver hit and killed 34-year-old Tabitha Garneau. Her mother is asking for the driver to come forward.

“We know it was an accident, but please come forward. Please give us that tiny bit of closure,” said Terri Kirtley, Tabitha’s mother.

She says her family, and Tabitha’s three children, are doing the best they can right now without her.

“When there is a big piece of you gone, for me, it’s really hard,” Kirtley said.

Terri says the day before Valentine’s Day, Tabitha went to visit her boyfriend in Midland. The couple went bowling at Bowlero by Loop 250. But it was at some point that night, Tabitha left the bowling alley. Terri says it was likely after an argument, and that Tabitha left walking.

Midland Police say officers found Tabitha’s body on the north side service road of Loop 250. Midland Police shared a video of the suspected hit-and-run driver in a red pickup truck.

There is no suspect yet after nearly half-a-year, and there are no answers. Despite speaking with investigators, Terri says there’s still no update.

“I can’t imagine living with something like that, knowing you killed somebody and that you tore their family up,” Kirtley said.

While her family waits for justice, the only thing they can do now is to keep Tabitha’s name alive. To paint a picture of who Tabitha was, Terri says her daughter was a fighter, a lover, and the biggest enthusiast of the great outdoors. She often hiked and fished.

Tabitha was also a mother of two girls and one boy.

“She had a daughter who just turned 13, and she missed her birthday. And then in May, she had a daughter who just turned 9, and she missed that. Her son is 3, his birthday is November, and she’s going to miss that,” Kirtley said. “He’s never going to know who she was.”

Terri says her daughter was a good mom.

“She was wonderful. I miss her. Her family misses her,” Kirtley said. “I would give anything, to hear you say, ‘Mom,’ one more time.”

The City of Midland spokesperson said there is no update to the investigation, and that there are no tips from the public about the hit-and-run.

If you have information about the hit-and-run, you are asked to contact Midland Police or Crime Stoppers of Midland.

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