MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Scammers are getting creative, now they’re targeting you when you just try and go to the grocery store.

Midlander Elaina Mills says Tuesday night she went to grab a few items from H-E-B off of Midkiff. When she came out she saw a woman parked over the line and extremely close to her car, just about 8 to 12 inches away.

“She sat there and looked at me in her rearview mirror and refused to move,” Mills said. I was leaving I opened my door and it tapped her back bumper and I squeezed into my car when I sat down I realized she was leaning over her passenger seat trying to take a picture of my car.

Elaina says the woman was parked so closed because she was trying to file a fraudalent claim on her insurance, saying that she damaged the woman’s car.

“She’s claiming that I slammed my car door into her car three or four times and caused damage she is refusing as of yet to send pictures to my insurance company, there’s no proof that I damaged her car,” Mills said.

Elaina says that’s not the case. And that there were other people there who say what happened.

“The gentleman that had parked, double parked was yelling at her that he saw the whole thing i never hit her car,” Mills said.

The woman eventually drove off. Midland police are now warning locals about people trying to get creative with scams.

It’s just quick cash it’s it’s another way they’re basically thieves and they’re taking your money in a different form instead of in the middle of the night while you’re asleep,” Officer Blandford said.

Officer Blandford says scams can happen in person, through phone calls, emails and text messages. If you think it sounds fake than most likely it’s fake and you can report it to your local police department.