Parking lot chaos: shoppers concerned about drivers doing donuts

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ODESSA,Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – You could call it parking lots chaos a local shopping center is having a big problem and some think it’s dangerous.

Countless track marks remain in theparking lot at Chimney Rock shopping center in Odessa. Some tell us it’s from drivers doing donuts to even possibly drag racing.

Shoppers like Amber Laveria think drivers doing something like this is dangerous.

“To be honest it’s kind of stupid,” Laveria said. “I mean people don’t respond to the safety of others when they do it. I know I have seen the races going up and down the streets I’ve almost been hit a couple of times.”

Employees who work at the shopping center said those races happen at night. Odessa Police said they have responded to this shopping center multiple times.

Locals think those drivers should find somewhere else.

“I wish they would go further out of town and do it somewhere where it’s not someone’s business it’s not someone’s lively hood,” said one shopper who did not want to be identified.

But those who have seen drag races may have an idea of why drivers are doing it.

“I guess for the thrill and it’s Odessa I mean people do a lot of crazy stuff out here,” Laveria said.

While speed bumps have been put in place to stop them employees tell us the drifters still come back. But shoppers just hope no one gets hurt in the future.

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