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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Cirque Italia is back and this time with a twist they are bringing a combination of sexy and scary to Odessa.

Earlier in the year, Cirque du Soleil made its way to West Texas performing family friendly water entertainment but this show will be different.

Benjamin Holland both project manager and scare actor explains its a combination of theatre, circus and cabaret European style.

“We took all the things that you would normally think about for a circus all the acrobatics and comedy and giant stunts and magic acts we took all of that and we put a haunted scary spin on it,” says Holland.

After carefully choosing a casting selection full of the best performing artists from all over the world their show is ready to begin.

“If you can’t come out and enjoy yourself then what’s it all for anyways people need something to look forward to a night out with their friends a romantic date night in a spooky context and that is what we are here to provide, says Holland.

Of all the illusions that will be happening the one thing that will be taken seriously is performing during a pandemic. Which is why for the protection of both the performers and the crowd they will be enforcing all recommendations from the CDC.

“We do require that everyone who enters bring a mask and wear it to come in we still do have hand sanitizer stations stationed all over the place every single thing you see here is cleaned top to bottom,” says Holland.

And now its time for the illusions to begin.

“I’m so happy that we get to be back and I’m excited to show the good people of Odessa all things we changed,” says Holland.

Showtimes and ticket purchases can be found on their website.

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