Over 660+ new laws passed in Texas in effect on Sept. 1st

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Texas lawmakers sat down for the 87th Texas Legislature and all 600 plus new laws were debated, passed and signed for them to go in effect starting Wednesday.

Voters in Odessa shared their differing opinions on all six hundred and sixty-six new laws.

Daniel Molnur a voter in the area says about time some of these new laws were passed.

One in particular is House Bill 1535 which is titled as Medical Marijuana expansion and allows texans to use THC cannabis for medical purposes.

“There’s plenty of other states that have done it and they’ve shown plenty of revenue for the state also there’s people that really need it that are hurting that will work for them,” Molnur says.

Of the more than 660 new laws in effect House Bill 1927 allows for Texans 21 years or older to carry handguns without any training or a license.

And Kacey Howell is one of many voters who are supports of the bill, he says it should not have been up for dicussion.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea i feel like it should of never been a thing in the past, it should’ve been passed a long time ago but not everybody gets what they want,” Howell says.

However, not everyone like Brandon Casarez tsupports the permitless carry law.

“There are lot of young people, I’m not with it to be honest,” Casaraz says.

And on to Senate Bill 4 which is known as the star spangled banner protection act, it says professional sports teams with state funding are required to play the national anthem before games.

“This is American and a sense of patriotism it should run deep throughout our community,” says Molnur

Another bill that is a talker is House Bill 1024 that says alcoholic drinks are permanetly available to go. Along with stores and retaurants can also now sell beer and wine starting at 10 a.m. on Sundays.

Voters in the community like Detrionne Fields supports it but his main concern is responsiblity.

“Only if you are responsible because not everybody can drink”

And from an economic standpoint, Daniel Molnur is okay with the new law.

“Whatever generates revenue for our community I mean like I said it’s all about a sense of responsibility, if they choose to drive with alcohol in their car if they take responsibility and be careful with it,” says Molnur.

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