ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – One person was killed early Wednesday morning in a crash involving an 18-wheeler.

The Texas Department of Safety blocked off Highway 302 and FM 866 for several hours and Mark Backer was a witness to the horrific scene.

“We’ve all kind of become desensitized to all these these accidents that are happening here in the Permian Basin you see three or four or five a day but this one was just different,” Baker said. “I don’t think tragedy carried enough weight to the severity of the situation I’ve never seen a vehicle wrapped around a truck like that.

Mark Baker says the 3 vehicle deadly crash left him feeling upset.

“We just seen the damage of that car you knew that somebody didn’t make it out of that there’s no way that anybody could have possibly live after being like that,” Baker said, A lot of times people are fortunate to walk away but this one just had an ominous feel to it.

He saw the crash on his way to work while driving on Highway 302 near FM 806. The crash killed 31-year-old Daniel Chaparro. The other drivers had no injuries.

“I drive across that intersection several times a day for the past 18 years so this isn’t the first accident there but it just it makes you wonder, when is your number up? When is it going to be you or somebody that you know and love is not going to make it home because of an accident,” Baker said.

As a father, Baker says he worries about his own daughter on the roads.

I’ve got a daughter that’ll be driving age and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to protect her from it you know defensive driving and all that only goes so far,” Baker said.