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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Details are still coming out regarding the mass shooting that occurred over the Labor Day weekend. However, Monday we learned that Ator’s erratic behavior began long before the mass shooting.

Big 2/Fox 24 obtained documents through a Freedom of information act request on Monday night regarding the mass shooting.

Hundreds of documents containing multiple officer reports describe the chaos that ensued.

While it has been reported that the incident began when the suspected shooter, Seth Ator, opened fire on a DPS Trooper during a traffic stop, his erratic behavior began hours before the first shot was ever fired, according to the OPD documents.

On the same day as the mass shooting, Ator had gotten into an argument with his boss and was terminated. The argument quickly got out of hand and the employee contacted the Odessa Police Department.

Ator, however, was not at the scene and when officers tried to contact dispatch, they told officers at the scene of the business that they were on the phone with Ator at that moment.

The responding officers then contacted Ator over the phone and reported that he was making claims about a conspiracy that included various agencies and individuals in reference to child pornography.

The OPD officer tried to gather more information from Ator but noted in the report that much of the information Ator was giving didn’t make sense.

This coincides with a report from FBI officials after the mass shooting who said Ator had called 911 prior to the shootings. FBI officials say Ator was rambling on the phone but much of what he said did not make sense.

As the officer continued to decipher what Ator was saying, he reportedly hung up. A short time later, gunshot victims were being reported all over the city.

Emergency crews respond to a mass shooting in various locations of Odessa on Saturday, August, 31, 2019 (Nexstar/Staff)

From Interstate 20 to Cinergy and what felt like everywhere in between, the officer reports detail how they were initially called in to assist, sent to one location and quickly re-routed until they found the location in which they were needed most.

Many officers described moving from crime scene to crime scene, with some even re-routing when new shots fired calls were reported to dispatch or re-routing themselves due to proximity.

Some officers recalled responding to a scene to find no threat. Others remembered arriving at a location where multiple people were injured and they sprang into action assisting victims, taping off scenes or collecting statements from witnesses.

Viewer submitted video showed residents in fear as they watched officers fly down local roads, or responding to the various shooting scenes.

It all came to an end at Cinergy, thanks to heroism and quick thinking of local law enforcement officers.

In all more than 20 people were injured in the mass shooting and seven were killed. This count does not include the suspected shooter, Seth Ator.

The victims include:

  • Raul Garcia
  • Kameron Brown
  • Rodolfo “Rudy” Arco
  • Edwin Peregrino
  • Mary Granados
  • Joe Griffith
  • Leila Hernandez

Another report, released by the City of Odessa Monday night states that the day of the mass shooting, a company that receives potential threats from the FBI and contacts local law enforcement agencies, contact the OPD around 10 p.m.

The employee reported to the OPD that a TikTok video was reported and in the video, a person is shown “making actions to a song that described driving around and killing people,” according to the report. Additionally, the company told the OPD that the hashtag #odessacheck was posted with the video.

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