MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – The search continues for a man involved in a police shooting in north Midland.

Midland Police responded to a drug activity call on the 3600 block of Edwards Street Tuesday night at 10:49 P.M. The Everett at Ally Village apartment complex is located on 3600 Edwards Street.

In a press release, the city of Midland says the first officer who arrived on scene found two men outside and made contact with them. All three became involved in a fight, which led to both suspects taking off on foot and the officer in pursuit.

Police identified the men as 19-year-old Jason Velasquez and 20-year-old Deangelo Hernandez. No photos of the men are available at this time.

During the foot chase, police say Velasquez fired a gun in the direction of the officer. The officer returned fire, hitting Velasquez. The second suspect, Hernandez, continued to run and is still at large.

One homeowner, Alexis Contreras, lives next door to the apartment complex. She did not want to be on camera, but spoke with our reporter, Rob Tooke, about the incident. She says she was home with her husband and kids when the gunshots went off.

“It sounded really loud. At the time, my husband was watching a show and it was really loud. And I was like, ‘Oh, it’s the show,'” Contreras recalls. “He kind of looked at me, his eyes widen, and he was like, ‘Okay, gotta get the kids.'”

Velasquez was taken to a local hospital while charges are pending against him. He was wanted on a warrant out of Harris County for Aggravated Robbery.

The officer was also injured and taken to the hospital but has since been released.

A warrant for Assault on a Peace Officer has been issued for the second suspect, Hernandez.

The management at The Everett at Ally Village said it has no comment at this time, citing the ongoing investigation.

As for Alexis and her family, the shooting has left them shaken up, but thankful for local law enforcement.

“They responded so fast, like literally, you hear the gunshots, and not even two minutes later, there were sirens,” Contreras said. “There was police surrounding the whole area, and for that, we are so grateful.”