Odessa Parks and Recreation Department holds first meeting for parks master plan

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Residents weigh in on what they would like to see more of

ODESSA, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24) – “Being able to give them that time to run around and play it can focus them back into what they need to do afterward” is important says Odessa mom, Crystal Falcon.

Health, safety, tourism, and community involvement were just a few of the things that were brought up when discussing the benefits of parks.

“This is the reason why people need to show up for the reason that your taxpayer money is being spent,” says Odessa resident Javier Joven after attending Monday nights meeting.

The director of Odessa Parks and Recreation, Steve Patton, adding that “it’s very important that we get as much input from the public about the ideas for the quality of life issues that face Odessa so that we can also remain competitive economically, provide a high quality of life for the citizens of Odessa.”

A few residents making sure their request is known during the first meeting.

“A few more parks, with the parks that we do have maybe adding somewhere to use the restroom or to get water, would be really good,” says Falcon.

Joven speaking about the growth in youth sports. “A lot of youth sports are growing, a complex where it’s all centered in one that’s where my curiosity is because it’s not a new idea it’s something that has been pushed you know for decades.”

Falcon says she sees the growth in recent years and it’s important for the City to keep up.

“There are more kids now, it seems like there’s more of an influx of younger families so the parks are always full the ones that I’ve ever gone to and it’s a good thing that way you can get these kids off of their electronics for a few minutes.”

Joven says, getting the community involved is important because the parks are for them.

“Whether it’s parks, facilities or anything its a cost to the taxpayer so, first of all, I want to know what they’re doing and two how much it’s gonna cost me.”

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