Odessa Jesus House Executive Director Back at Work After Recovering from Coronavirus

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ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – “Being released today there was such a euphoria that came over us knowing that we were negative.” Donny Kyker said.

The pastor and executive director of Jesus House in Odessa is back at work today, having recovered from COVID-19. He says that he was quarantined for 2 weeks, got another positive test result, and quarantined for another 2 weeks, however, he viewed it as an opportunity.

We were starting a 21 day fast, so that gave me more time to really see God,” Kyker says.

The pastor and his wife both started developing symptoms before being quarantined, as a result, their entire staff at Jesus House was quarantined as well for 2 weeks. Kyker says his symptoms were mild, but his wife’s were more severe.

“My symptoms were not that severe, but my wife, that one night, I mean it was critical. And if we didn’t have a person that had an oxygen machine there, if we didn’t have a doctor coming to our home giving us I.V.s and steroid shots and all of that, she would’ve been in the hospital. Which would be okay, but I couldn’t get to her.”

During that period, he says friends and even complete strangers were trying to help out. He was flabbergasted at the kindness of the community.

“It was, oh wow, it was strangers! I mean a lot of friends but complete strangers offering to go help. People in the higher up in our city calling us and checking on us, we were just blown away.”

In addition to the strangers checking in on them, he says that some friends even risked their own personal health to get him the medication that he needed.

“He risked his life, just put it that way, cause he had to go into a store and in as bad of health as he is, he risked his life to get me zinc. It’s things like that that will just blow you away.”

He credits his faith for getting him through that uncertain time. Him and his wife plan to pay it forward by donating plasma.

“Cause our antibodies in our plasma will save somebodies life. It could save one of my friends lives or family or whoever. And so we can’t wait. In two weeks, we’re eligible to give plasma.”

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