ODESSA, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – As we come to the end of Black History Month, Odessa College hosted its 20th Black History Fashion Show. 

There were many models dressed in African attire and a variety of cultural fashion. The fashion show showcased African American history and culture. 

    “I want to send out a message to the community that this is one of the greatest occasions that we have,” Mary Henson, owner of Mary’s Fashions, says. “This is one of the greatest opportunities to showcase our history through fashion through the years.”

    Mary Henson says it’s important to highlight African American history through fashion because it’s an expression of how they feel. 

    “It’s a way to express our culture, and through dress, not a lot of people understand our culture, but we do have a great message in what we wear,” she says

    Andy Carter Renfro has been a model for Mary’s fashion show ever since the fashion show began 20 years ago. 

    “Throughout the years, there has definitely been a change because there are more people,” she says. “Not just only black people, we have people of all cultures in Mary’s shows now.”

    Many models took to the stage not only African Americans but also other ethnicities were represented as well as Henson says it’s great to have others take part in the celebration.

    “I want everybody to be a part of this great celebration of Black History month and this great celebration of Black History,” she says. “People of all races and all colors all sizes can be in Mary’s Fashions.”