Odessa block hit 3 times by late night prowlers

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ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – For three different nights over the span of a month, an Odessa neighborhood became a hotspot for a pair of crooks. They were caught on camera.

Neighbors on the 3600 block of Springbrook Drive were waking up to things out of order, searched through, and tampered with. It was the aftermath of late night prowlers.

“Some of the neighbors’ vehicles have been pilfered through, wallets have been taken out,” said Adam, a homeowner on Springbrook. “I couldn’t tell you what’s motivating them, but yeah, I think it’s a little excessive them coming over, over, and over… Of course, everything is going to be locked up from that point on.”

Adam says these crooks took his generator, which cost several hundred bucks. Surveillance video shows them pulling the generator out of the back of his truck.

The other strange thing is how the thieves were dressed. Neighbors say it looked like they were wearing khakis and almost appeared they had 9-to-5 jobs.

“It looked like he was pretty well dressed, had a nice vehicle. It didn’t look like he needed to be in the theft business,” Adam said.

The suspects’ car appears to be a silver SUV. One of the men is using a flashlight.

The neighborhood watch on this block of Springbrook is highly active.

“We’ve almost caught them a couple times. I’ve heard footsteps running before they get into a vehicle and speed off, so maybe they’re doing it for the rush. That’s kind of what I’m thinking, just the adrenaline,” Adam said.

We spoke to one co-captain of Springbrook’s watch team about the whole fiasco. We’re not showing her face for privacy.

“They’re pulling up right in front of the house with the most cameras. It’s ridiculous, I don’t know if they don’t see them or don’t care.”

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