ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – The Copper Rose Building is one of the oldest strucutures in Downtown Odessa. And it’s been home to many different businesses that may have left ghosts behind.

“When i’m in here by myself i don’t know if i’ve felt something but i’ve heard some noises and different things and i just ride it off to its an older building,” John Herriage says.

But other’s would disagree with owner of the Copper Rose Building John Herriage.

“We have different people in the building say it haunted they’ve felt spirts they’ve seen orbs they’ve seen flashes of light,” Herriage says.

The building orginally was the Odessa National Bank and was passed down as a courthouse, funeral home, chruch and is now known as The Copper Rose Building, but one thing has remained.

“I do hear sounds and hear a few things, I don’t think there’s any evil spirits hopefully they’re all good spirits.

A previous tenant leaves Herriage wonder about that spooky feeling.

“The funeral home had several deaths and there was not enough refridgeration and the basement stays pretty cool and they did hold bodies here for a while,” Herriage says.

One of John’s tenats says she had a ghost-like experince in Mariah’s Beauty Shop located on the ground level of the building.

“We do have one tenant that prefers not to work after hours by herself in the building she said she’s felt someone touch her,” John says. “She’s seen orbs shes smelt different things and just felt like someone was around her so she prefers not to work by herself.”

She recalls moments of experincing the ghosts and spirits.

“We take pictures of the clients that we have and we can see orbs we’ve had several people that have been brushed or their legs touched or their arm,” she says. “We have several girls here that usually see somebody pass by its like a dark shadow and we come outside and there is nobody there .”

Though John has heard these rumors he says he hasn’t experinced anything himself.

“I’ve never had any problems with the spirits i guess they are my friend,” John says.

However, an underground passageway leaves even more questions.

“We also have a tunnel that does go underneath the alley from one building to the other,” John says.

And the building’s elevator has an intresting design, connecting the back of Copper Rose to the building across the street. John says this three-story building can sometimes feel alive.

“It’s just part of the building its part of the building history there’s things that happened here,” John says.

Every year The Copper Rose Building takes advantage of the spooky rumors by hosting a haunted building tour. But, due to the pandmeic the tour has been put on pause and will return next year.