MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – The week just started and already people living in Skyline Terrance West had two car burglaries happen in their own driveways.

John Lofrano has a home in Midland and says he’s disappointed to hear the news.

“This area of midland is a nice neighborhood in my opinion and I’m a little disappointed that there’s been break ins,” Lofrano says.

And Billy Beaver is also another homeowner who parks his car in his garage and is saddened to hear about the break-in.

“I feel sorry for them because a lot of them don’t have any place to park their cars except in the street or beside the house so they’re going to have problems I’m sure because everyone in town seems to be having a problem,” Beaver says.

On Tuesday Trish Bowers was one of two homeowners who posted on the Nextdoor app about her vehicle being broken into.

“We woke up yesterday morning and realized my husband’s truck had been broken into so then we checked our security cameras,” Bowers says. ” [We] found out that we had video of people breaking in and I got out next door, saw a lot of my neighbors also had the same people, same time.

Though she didn’t loose anything valuable she says she knows her other neighbors have lost laptops and other expensive items, Midland Police Department says people who break into cars are typically looking for two things.

“Guns and cash are the main two things that get taken out of cars everything else is petty little stuff,” says Midland Police crime prevention Officer Chane Blandford.

Officer Blandford specializes in crime prevention and he says vehicle burglaries are a common occurrence in West Texas which is why they have police officers out at night driving around looking for burglaries.

Not only is MPD doing their part but homeowners have even gotten creative using Halloween decorations to prevent crime by using a 12-foot skeleton.

“I decided to put him in the window and his eyes light up so I thought I would put him in the window and maybe that would scare off anybody that came down the street,” Bowers says.

No matter how big or small the crime is Officer Blandford says they will be charged accordingly.

“You’re looking at a class A misdemeanor just for opening up a door without the consent of the owner unlocked and you pull in the door and opens up that means you breach that door therefore you’ve committed a burglary of a motor vehicle same thing applies for pickup trucks reaching into the bed of a pickup truck to pick something up,” Officer Blandford says.