Monday starts part of I-20 corridor reconstruction project

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Odessa/Midland, TEXAS (ABC Big 2) – There’s a few different projects going on with I-20, but some commuters may start seeing some construction next week. Starting Monday, workers will start ripping up some service roads in midland to make way for an upcoming project.

“We’re building a new interchange at Midkiff Road in Midland on I-20. We’ll be tearing down that bridge and building a new one to where I-20 goes over the local road, says txdot Odessa District PIO Gene Powell.

That project is expected to cost about 36 million dollars. It’s part of a larger plan to rehabilitate a portion of the interstate from Midland to Odessa.

” That 850 million dollars worth of work will include new interchanges, flipping interchanges to where I-20 goes over the local road. eventually it will add a third lane in each direction along that 40 plus miles of I-20,” says Powell.

There will also be one-way frontage roads to make driving safer. The DOT says some areas haven’t been updated since the 1960’s or 70’s, and it’s time for an upgrade on such a critical highway.

” Whether it’s local businesses using it to get to the oil fields for the energy sector or cross-state users who are bringing in everything from furniture in the Carolinas to whatever may be coming in from Arizona, it’s an economic engine no doubt,” says Powell.

The entire work on the I-20 corridor is expected to cost about 850 million dollars, and take at least 10 years to finish. The DOT asks that drivers try to be patient with the process. and say that if possible, they ask you to take a different route to school, work, or wherever you may need to go.

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