MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – All across Texas, students and parents are preparing for the upcoming school year which starts for many next week. But before they go to back to class MISD wants to make sure parents have everything they need to know to make sure their kids have a safe, happy and productive year.

Midland ISD students will head back to school for the start of the 2022-23 school year on August 8th.

For the big weekend MISD communication specialist Sam Eaton wants parents to be prepared for the first day of school successfully starting with school supplies.

“This is tax free weekend so it’s a great time if you haven’t purchased the school supplies yet to get out there and get them the school district websites,” Eaton says. The school individual campus websites, many of them have posted lists for individual grades where you can find everything you need paper, pens, notebooks, sometimes they’re very specific of the times are more general.

Eaton says parents can dress their child for success based off each campus’s requirements, but the main issue is make sure your child is enrolled.

“Some people think that if they’re returning to the same school, they don’t necessarily need to enroll but when you enroll, that really helps us put kids and match them with teachers,” Eaton says.

Local parent, Destiny Butler says her kids are enrolled and she is ready to send them off to school come Monday.

“I can’t wait to Monday until they go, off they go,” Butler says.

A new aspect about the school year is the MISD bus system.

“We have a very big, bold link on the home page of midlandisd.net that has bus routes if you click that and then you type in your address and type in your situation or your school, you will get an accurate reading of where your bus will go and at what times the important thing that’s new this year is to look for the route, not necessarily the bus number,” Eaton says.

Lastly Eaton advises, don’t be afraid to reach out to your child’s campus.

A lot of times the campuses in many cases will have a lot of information specific to your child.

And local grandmother Theresa Moore says hearing her grandchild’s excitement about the school year makes her excited too.

“The kids get to socialize and get to learn from each other as well as their teachers, you know, get to learn from their principal, get to be part of that school community,” Moore says. And that excitement just builds throughout the year.

Elementary schools will host meet the teacher day on Saturday. For information on times check out the MISD website.