MISD student charged with felony burglary, accused of $8K damage

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – A bizarre break-in has landed a Midland student behind bars.

17-year-old Taya Martinez is facing a felony (F1) charge for burglary with intent to commit a felony. The offense is listed as “Burglary Habitation Intend Other Felony.”

A probable cause affidavit says Martinez and an unspecified number of juveniles were found several blocks away from Midland High School last Tuesday, September 7th, around 10 in the morning. Officers say the group was inside of an upstairs apartment unit on the 1100 block of W. Wall Street. The apartment complex is not listed in the affidavit. But an arrest log from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office shows the address as that of “The Villas on Wall Street” apartments.

The affidavit reads, the unit appeared to have been broken into and was vandalized. Officers say it smelled as if marijuana had just been smoked. Inside, officers found clothing, trash, and makeup. Martinez’s school ID was also found.

The affidavit said, quote, “all the children told officers that Taya was the person who stayed in the apartment,” and had been there for a couple of days. Officers made contact with the owner of the complex, who wanted to press charges for the apparent vandalism.

Here is a list of those damages, per affidavit:

  • Broken fireplace screen ($300 value)
  • Damaged dry wall in living room ($225 value)
  • Damaged carpet in two rooms ($1,500 value)
  • Ripped chair in bedroom ($400 value)
  • Two broken lamps ($150 value)
  • Damaged wood flooring ($4,000 value)
  • Two full bedding sets ($400 value)
  • Damaged drywall in bedroom ($125 value)
  • Damaged curtains ($75 value)
  • Damaged fire alarm ($50 value)
  • Ripped couch ($750 value)
  • Damaged living room rug ($300 value)
  • Broken window seal ($65 value)
  • Missing 55 in. Samsung TV ($850 value)

Damages are listed as $8,340 excluding the missing TV.

So, what led the 17-year-old and several other teenagers to the apartment? The affidavit says Martinez told officers, there was a social media post that said, if kids wanted to skip school, they should go to the apartment complex. The account and post could not be verified by law enforcement.

Martinez said she did not know the owner of the unit, but claimed to have not known that she should not have been there.

The affidavit says, officers believed the other teenagers with Martinez were involved. But since they are considered juveniles, they were released to Midland ISD officers.

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