Midland, TEXAS (ABC Big 2/Fox 24) – Many Midland ISD families know and love Barbara Yarbrough. She has been a part of the district for more than 62 years, starting off as a teacher, and now acting as a parent liaison.

“To keep kids in school, and keep the connection of the parent in the home, and the students, teachers, you know, that kind of stuff,” says South Elementary School Parent Liaison Barbara Yarbrough.

She knows students by name from now and through the years.

“We all have our Yarbrough stories,” says Pease Communications & Technology Academy Counselor David Cook.

Yarbrough always tries to show her students–she notices–and she cares.

” Little things like that that you see walking down the hallway, put a smile on his face, however you can get it. Ask him for his shoes, so you can start a conversation, then ask, hey, how’s your mama doing? Anything,” says Yarbrough.

Which is why she was nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year award, which recognizes those who make a difference in the lives of students. Those who know her say she deserves to win.

“She doesn’t have a lot of nice words. She has amazing actions…The lady is amazing. And it’s because she’s authentic,” says Cook.

Her desire to give back started with a life-changing moment.

“I came home one day, eight years old, only to find out that I was orphaned and homeless,” says Yarbrough.

Her teacher, Ms. Huckabee, inspired her to teach with a mix of kindness, jokes, and tough love.

” Everything that she had me doing, I’m doing to kids right now,” says Yarbrough.

When Barbara Yarbrough commits-she does it all the way. Whether it’s fixing something that needs to be fixed, or showing love to the students who need it.

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