Midland store employee attacked by accused shoplifter

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MIDLAND, Texas ( Big 2 / Fox 24) – Beauty and the Peach has seen their fair share of shoplifters while in business. But they have never endured a shoplifter like this one.

For the past few months Miranda Fabela has worked at Beauty and the Peach in Midland completely by herself. While on the clock she’s also had to keep an eye out for shoplifters. And earlier this week Fabela noticed a customer with a large bag, planning to do just that.

“So when she had the stuff on her and then all of a sudden it was gone, I automatically knew.” Fabela said. ” I do have people who come on and they’ll buy couple of things to cover the fact that they’re stealing other items.”

After confronting the customer and finding other stolen items in their bag, Fabela said things escalated quickly.

“I try to snap a quick photo her and as we’re at the front of the door she kind of just slapped the phone out of my hand because I guess she was offended that I took a picture of her.” Fabela said. ” So, when she slapped the phone out of my hand that when things got physical.”

Fabela’s boss posted surveillance video of the physical confrontation on Facebook and got wide spread response. The stolen items were eventually returned by the accused thief. Fabela hopes this incident will send a message to other shoplifters.

“You know there are just somethings you can’t get away with,” Fabela said “I’m just kind of hoping with all this going on and it getting kind of big, I’m hoping that other people will realize that hey we’re not going to mess with this place.”

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