Midland Police investigate shooting, gunshot victim found miles away

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MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Midland Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened Monday.

The shooting happened on the 1400 block of Chestnut Avenue by N. Jackson Street.

“It was definitely terrifying, but we’re wondering why it hasn’t been covered and why haven’t the police said anything more to us,” said one homeowner.

That homeowner wants to remain anonymous, but she said that gunshots in front of her home woke her up around 3:30 A.M. on Monday.

She said by the time she looked outside, no one was on the street. Shortly after, she said police showed up.

“I only saw the shotgun shells. I didn’t see the 9 millimeters, but they were out in the street,” the homeowner said.

This homeowner also tells us a pair of flip flops were also found: one by her porch and another in the middle of her front yard.

She said she gave a statement to MPD.

“They had just told me that they found a gunshot victim, a couple streets down, and that he was at the hospital, and that he eventually passed away.”

The City of Midland spokesperson said the shooting on Chestnut Avenue is related to an ongoing investigation involving a gunshot victim in the area of O Street and Missouri Avenue.

That’s about 3 miles from the shooting, near the Midland Alternative Program’s West Education Center, by Andrews Highway.

The City of Midland spokesperson said that more information will be sent out as it is learned.

Eddie Rabb lives on the block where the shooting happened.

“This is a clean neighborhood, a revitalized neighborhood, so this is a big shock to have something like that in our neighborhood,” Rabb said. “Like I was telling the neighbors earlier, we just got to keep a closer watch on one another.”

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