Midland Parks Department working on two Parks Plans for residents

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MIDLAND, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX 24)- “The City of Midland has so many residents that live in apartments and we have people that just need to get out and have time whether that be in the dog park with their dogs or families love to be in the playground and so we’ve done a lot of work to improve our playgrounds and we’re still working towards doing more of that,” says Laurie Williams the Assistant Community Services Director.

After much anticipation the residents of Midland can expect some big changes come 2020.

According to the Assistant Community Services Director, “people need to be outside and we have so much opportunity with our good climate here to do that.”

The City is currently working on two different master plans; one, that will focus on all of the parks in Midland called the “Parks Recreation and Open Space Master Plan” and the second, focusing on two common sports facilities in Midland.

“Looking at Hogan Park and Reyes Mashburn Nelms Parks to look at their sports facilities and how we might better arrange those for tournament play because that’s where we have so many of our softball, baseball tournaments,” says Williams.

She says because so many people come from out of town to play at these facilities this park’s plan will be funded by hotel-motel dollars and the department hopes to start construction in August.

“People come in from out of town, we have many many teams attend tournaments there from out of town, local teams as well, and we just have had feedback for years that we need to do some improvements on those facilities.”

As for the Open Space Master Plan, that funding will come from general funds that are given to the Parks Department every year.

According to Williams, “it encompasses all parks in Midland and we do that every 5-7 years and we’re required to do that to be able to apply for grants like Texas Parks and Wild Life Grants and those type things we have to have that.”

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