MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – A Midland woman, found murdered inside of her apartment, had a protective order against the suspect, according to a Midland County probable cause affidavit for arrest.

28-year-old Travae Jackson was shot and killed on Monday at the Northridge Court Apartments complex, located on 3417 Midland Drive. A man was also hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries for a gunshot wound.

The suspect, 29-year-old Kionne Lewis, was captured in New Mexico on Tuesday morning. He is now charged with Capital Murder.

Midland Police said in a press release, officers first got the call of a disturbance with weapons at approximately 12:42 P.M. in the area of Wadley Avenue and Mark Lane.

The caller, identified as a man, said he had been shot twice at the apartment, according to the affidavit.

The court document gives a timeline of what happened before the man, who will remain unnamed, made the call to police. The man told officers he received several text messages Monday morning from Travae Jackson’s phone.

The first message came in at approximately 1:16 A.M. It was a video, showing the suspect on Jackson’s side porch. A second message at approximately 4:27 A.M. read, “Do you work today.” A third message at 10:17 A.M. stated, “Can you come over please.”

The affidavit says the man left for Jackson’s apartment after he woke up. He would receive another message stating that the front door was open.

The court document goes on to read, the man never saw Jackson inside. Instead, he saw the suspect, Kionne Lewis, emerge from the kitchen, with an AR-15 rifle pointed at him. The man told officers, Lewis told him to sit down, which he refused to do. As he tried to leave, the man was shot in the right shoulder and grazed on his left lower torso. The man was able to make it to his vehicle and was able to get the vehicle description of Lewis’ car – a white Ford F150.

During the course of the investigation, the affidavit says officers found Jackson deceased upstairs in the townhome apartment.

Officers later learned the suspect, Lewis, was listed as a respondent in a protective order. The victim, Jackson, was listed as a protected person in the protective order, per affidavit.

The document says, investigators learned the video sent from Jackson’s phone to the man that morning around 1 A.M. not only showed the suspect trespassing in the victim’s yard, but it recorded a conversation between the two. The recording is of Jackson saying to Lewis, “You just said that if you come back, this is the (sic) going to be the last day I’m on Earth.” Jackson also asked, “You going to murder me?” before the suspect left the porch to the area of Mark Lane and Wadley Avenue.

The affidavit says, MPD met with the suspect’s brother later on Monday. Police stayed with the brother while he called Lewis to ask about the incident. During the phone call, Lewis said he let a girl get inside his head. The affidavit goes on to read, Lewis told his brother, what he did was not worth it. The brother asked Lewis why he shot Jackson, to which Lewis replied, he didn’t have any peace.

Lewis is in custody in New Mexico.