MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – While shelves aren’t bare like they were months ago… Laysie Schwisow is still having trouble finding some for her daughter.

Laysie Schwisow is the mother of 7-month-year old Brae Huston, she says the chances of her finding formula is slim to none now she is thinking of alternatives.

“I’ve been looking at Walmart, H-E-B both H-E-B’s looking for her formula half the time I can never find it,” Schiwisow said.

Before the shortage, Brae had been using Gerber Gentle Pro. Laysie says it’s unnerving having to switch.

“I don’t even want to switch her formula because I know she does good on what she’s on already so it sucks that I even have to think about changing it because I can’t find it right,” Schwisow said.

Before switching to a different formula Laysie says mothers need to make sure they do their research on what’s inside.