MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – One Midland mother and her daughter walking around their neighborhood say follow your gut if something doesn’t feel right.

We spoke to a mother and daughter who do not want to reveal their identties, both say they were targeted Thurdsay night.

She says her daughter felt something wasn’t right, so she acted quickly.

“I just looked at my mom when I was like run,” Midland daughter said.

Midland police says you have to stay alert.

“Creepers are creepers they’re going to come around whenever and when they do please let us know as soon as you let us know,” Midland crime prevention Officer Chane Blandford said.

But also prepared for any cirsumstance.

“Be aware of your capabilities and when you play the what if game it prepares you mentally for if that ever happens to you you’ll react instantly and your success rate will be greater,” Officer Blandford said.

MPD says its free women’s self defense class will be offered soon. The classes will meet for two sessions.