MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Estrella Moreno’s family is getting ready to pay their final respects to her this week. While they’re dealing with their loss. They’re taking the time to thank everyone who has helped them since the tragedy.

Estrella Moreno was shot and killed on September 16th and her family and friends are still in disbelief she’s gone. Crystal Vargas is her cousin.

“We were devastated in shock it took a while for everything to sit in and soak in,” Vargas said.

Her family along with her close friends are sharing memories of her while grieving.

“She could always cheer people up that was her personality she was a very big and bright personality,” close friend Gabriella Martinez said.

Another close friend Ashley Aguro was the first friend to find out and she was hurt.

“I was in the car and it shocked me I didn’t no one could believe it how could a 19 year old pass away so young,” Aguro said.

When news of her death spread, everyone quickly got together to figure out how to help the family.

“We are doing a fundraiser selling food plates desserts as well and then also there will be a car wash at kohls then we also have a go fund me page that’s been set up since the moment we found out what happened with this round we set that up pretty much just raising money for Estrella’s funeral,” Vargas said.

Family and friends say they’re appreciative of the generosity of others, meanwhile they say they’re upset her boyfriend, 21-year old Arturo Barraz, is out on a one million dollar bond, after being charged with manslaughter.

“For him to be out it’s just not right at all it’s really upsetting for all of us just because she’s not here to defend herself,” Martinez said.

“It’s not fair it’s not fair that he was out and only six days and that my friend is going to be six feet under” Aguro said.

They say they feel betrayed.

“He did admit it to doing it which we understand the manslaughter situation but him being out on bond with the monitor it still it doesn’t justify it,” Vargas said. “Because he can go out and kill someone else or better yet himself to get away with it and just have the easy way out and he is from Mexico as well so that was another thing that the family was afraid of that he would be a flight risk and head to Mexico and then we can’t get them or the system can’t get him.”

With every new piece of information the family gets, it is a reminder that Estrella is gone.

Funeral Arrangements:
Rosary: Thursday, September 29th @7pm
Funeral: Friday, September 30th @ 2pm.