Midland man shares his story recovering from COVID-19

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MIDLAND, Texas (YourBasin) – Midland resident Kyle Hyche and his San Antonio family never thought their vacation planned last year would lead to them contracting COVID-19.

“We had the symptoms. I waited two weeks and was still running a fever and continued to quarantine. It was surreal,” said Hyche after more than a month in quarantine.

“It was kind of not a big deal, it seemed, when we left. We went on a cruise and no one really seemed too concerned. Obviously there were precautions being taken, things being wiped down, no direct contact with food at buffets and plates, but no one seemed too concerned. By the middle of the trip the news broke that it was starting to get serious.”

All five of the Hyches contracted the virus, but Kyle believes it was not from his time aboard the cruise ship, but in the long lines at customs.

“Once we got off we went through customs packed like sardines. Huge long lines and if I had to guess it was probably from the airport that we picked it up,” said Hyche.

While Kyle’s father and brother did not show symptoms, he, his mother and sister were all sick for multiple days.

“I had really bad coughing for about three, four days. Couldn’t breathe or talk all day all night.”

Hyche has a warning for people who are continuing to not follow CDC guidelines.

“Do what everyone’s saying, stay home, use masks. It’s not worth going out for an hour of fun to contract it. It’s not good.”

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