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The power of social media

MIDLAND, Texas (BIG 2/ FOX24)- For many teachers going back to school means stocking up on classroom supplies.

“I cannot believe that our teachers are footing the bill for education in our country but they are,” says Debbie Scott. This inspired her to create her Facebook page ‘help a teacher.’ 

“There are the ones looking at these kids it would be very easy for them to say ‘no supplies no coloring for you today’ but teachers hearts are not that way.”

On the Facebook page, teachers can post their story and what they need for the year so that others can sponsor them. 

“People care, they’re not in this alone. I’ve never had a job where I was asked to bring my own supplies, my own computer, my own paper, never yet we put that on teachers and we do it in a silent way,” says Scott.

Help a teacher has reached over 33 million  people from all over the world, a number she didn’t think was possible.”I just never realized the power of social media if one person shares something and then another person shares it and another person shares it then it’s going to reach so many more people.”

According to Scott teachers having the supplies they need should be a priority for the education system.

“We worry about our test grades and our scores and all of our standardized testing and our children staying up and we build new buildings and buy new curriculum and spend money on data data data and we do research and we hire experts but it’s the teachers that make the difference.”

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